Dreams Starting With Letter “C” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “C” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “C”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter C. such as cat, card, cave, can etc.

Dreams Starting With Letter "C" | Dream Dictionary

Dream Starting With Letter ‘C’ | Dream Interpretations

Cabbage—Indicates long life and happiness.

Cage—To dream of a cage with bird means liberty; empty it means servitude.

Cakes—Denote prosperity.

Calf—Is a sign of assured success.

Camel—Seeing one means riches; riding on one, disappointment.

Candle—A lighted candle signifies unexpected favor. An unlighted one means “Beware of trouble!”

Candy—To make or eat candy signifies good luck.

Cane—Signifies dissipation and waste.

Captive—To dream that you are in prison is a sign of luck.

Cards—To play cards means a successful marriage.

Carpenter—Denotes a new turn among business affairs.

Cart—Indicates sickness; with a horse before it, disgrace.

Carving—To dream of carving meat means business prosperity.

Cat—A white cat means a gift; a black cat means deceit or quarrel.

Cave—To be in a cave denotes loss.

Cellar—To be in a dark cellar means sickness or absence from home.

Cemetery—To be in a cemetery foretells the death of a friend.

Chain—Foretells a union of people hitherto separated.

Cheese—Foretells success and a journey.

Cherries—To eat cherries denotes love. To gather them, faithfulness.

Chess—To play a game of chess foretells business troubles.

Chestnuts—Denote troubles at home.

Chicken—To cook a chicken means good news; to eat one, arrival of a friend.

Child—To dream of children in health denotes pleasure and fortune; if ill, the dream is a warning.

Church—Signifies good fortune and many friends.

Cider—To drink cider denotes a dispute.

City—To be in a strange city means a speedy marriage.

Clams—Denote closeness and parsimony.

Clock—Seeing or hearing a clock denotes marriage.

Coal—Seeing or burning coal signifies persecution.

Cobbler—To dream of one mending shoes means trouble in money matters.

Cock—A crowing cock denotes sudden trouble.

Coffee—Drinking coffee is a sign of heavy trouble.

Coffin—Denotes a speedy marriage.

Cooking—To dream that you are cooking indicates a wedding.

Corkscrew—Means vexation; if in a bottle, trouble.

Corn—Is significant of riches and abundance.

Corpse—To dream of a dead body denotes long life, also news from friends.

Cow—Is significant of prosperity and abundance.

Crab—To see a crab walking means that your endeavors will come to naught.

Cradle—Indicates an increase in the family.

Cricket— Is a sign of hospitality and a visit.

Crocodile—Indicates a catastrophe.

Cross—To see a cross is a sign of tranquillity.

Crow—Means humiliation and disgrace.

Crowd—You will receive good news.

Crutches—Indicate losses if you gamble.

Cucumber—Is a sign of serious illness.

Cypress—Foretells the death of a loved one.

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