Dreams Starting With Letter “D” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “D” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “D”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter D. such as Dog, Door, Duck, Duel etc.

Dreams Starting With Letter ‘D’ । Dream Interpretations

Dancing—Indicates a handsome present of someone you love.

Debts—To dream of owing money means business safety.

Devil—To dream of the devil is a warning to turn over a new leaf.

Dice—To dream of dice indicates scandal and dishonor.

Dirt—Denotes sickness.

Dishes—Breaking dishes denotes a family quarrel.

Dispute—Among friends, indicates renewed friendship.

Ditch—To dream of seeing or falling into a ditch foretells bankruptcy.

Dog—To see a dog indicates faithfulness of a friend. To be bitten means treachery.

Door—An open door means opportunity; a closed door, adventure.

Dove—Means happiness at home.

Drawing—Indicates a rejection of marriage.

Drowning—To dream of drowning means good news from abroad; to rescue a drowning person is a sign of happiness.

Drum—To see or hear a drum indicates a trifling loss.

Drunk—To see a drunken person means bad news; to be drunk means disgrace.

Duck—Is a sign of profit and pleasure.

Duel—To fight a duel means dissension.

Dwarf—Signifies “Beware of foes!”

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