Dreams Starting With Letter “A” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “A” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “A”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as angel, abortion, abyss, accident, airplane, animals etc.

Dream Starting With Letter A । Dream Interpretations

A Letter- A dream of the letter “A” is an indication of a new beginning in your life.

Abandoned—Dreaming that you are deserted by your friends denotes their affection and love, but to dream that you have abandoned someone you love is a sign of disappointment.

Abnormality You will overcome some fears or concerns.

Abortion When you or someone else goes through abortion in a dream that suggests worries, gossip, jealousy and fear.

Abroad—Dreaming that you are in a strange land signifies success in your undertakings.

Absence—To be absent from home means a joyful reunion. To see people who are absent foretells speedy return.

Abundance—To dream of abundance shows a false security.

Abyss— To dream that you are in an abyss means that you will have some encounters with loved ones that will make you feel bitter. 

Academy—Academy in dreams suggests pleasant experiences with new friends.

Account—A bank account signifies bankruptcy.

AccidentYou will not be able to achieve what you were hoping for

Acorns—Are a sign of loss of money or of love.

Acnes— To have acne in your dream suggests bad nutrition. If someone else has acne in your dream it means you are meddling in their life.

Acrobat To be an acrobat means you will get rid of worries. To see an acrobat symbolizes unexpected gains. To see an acrobat in a circus suggests unexpected money gain.

ActorTo see actors in a dream symbolizes sorrow, humiliation and loss.

Advertisement—  If you are reading an ad then you will have obstacles in issues of concern to you. If the ad involves another person then you will hear sad news. If you dream about putting up an advertisement then take care when telling your secrets as you might be betrayed. Imvashi.com

Adoption— If you dream that you have been adopted then someone will support you at work and make you happy, but if you adopt a child then your behaviour might create problems.

Address—To dream about losing or seeing an address means you will have guests over. Reading an address or writing on it suggests the same. To find an address in a dream means you will receive a gift.

Affair— Having an affair in a dream means that you are in some kind of danger or that you will change your environment.

Air— If you dream that clean/crispy wind is blowing towards you then relief and joy await you.

Airplan— Dream about airplane or airplanes suggest an end of worries, changes for the better or a need for an advice from wiser and more experienced people. If, however, you see a plane flying this means that you will make great progress in your career. If you dream that you are a pilot, then you will soon make a new start in life. If the plane is falling then expect bad news and difficulties.  

Airport—To see an airport means you will find peace and happiness

Almonds—If you see fresh almonds then you will have great success in your love life. Dry almonds represents troubles and delays. To eat an almond represents pleasant news. Almonds in bloom suggest short-termed success. Imvashi.com

Alarm—Dreaming of alarms symbolizes exciting and profitable job, alternatively dream about an alarm means that days that follow will be pleasant.

Alms—Giving alms denotes good fortune, receiving alms means loss of money.

Altar—Denotes a speedy marriage to the one you love. If already married, renewed prosperity.

Anchor— Dream of an anchor Denotes a successful enterprise and safety. 

Angel—To see an angel means a long voyage and success.  If the angel puts you on his wings then you will have an unexpected profit.  If you see someone you know as an angel this means that you can trust them and look to them for consolation. To be an angel symbolizes bad luck and an illness.

Angry—If you are angry, it portends an enemy. To enrage someone If you are driving someone mad in a dream that means that you will make new friends.

Animals If you dream you are feeding animals, you will enjoy success at work. If wild animals are chasing you, then you will be protected. If they bite you, then you will receive help from a friend. If you dream that you are shoeing an animal then expect delays and problems at work. To see an animal trap in a dream means that you will be pleasantly surprised. Imvashi.com

Antelope—A speedy recovery from illness.

Ants— A colony of ants signifies industry leading to wealth. One ant means a disappointment.

Anvil—Seeing or hearing an anvil means happiness.

Anxiety If you dream that you are worried then, aside from the anxiety that you may have in reality and have transferred to your sleep, this means that you might be about to face problems and difficulties in your career.

Apartment An apartment indicates our inner self. If you see a bright and comfortable apartment, then you will be optimistic and enjoy success and joy. If the apartment is small and dark,  you will go through a distressing, pessimistic period. Dreaming of a damp apartment suggests fights in family life.

Ape—Means an enemy. If running from you, safety.

Apples—Signify gain. If you are eating them, disappointment; if on a tree, good news.

Applause Being applauded in a dream suggests that someone is thankful for you. To applaud someone means that you are happy for another people’s happiness. Imvashi.com

Apricots—If you dream of eating them, it means good news; if you see them on the tree or otherwise, a pleasant surprise. ( Apricots is a fruit, also known as Armenian plums)

Aquarium If You see an fish aquarium in your dream that suggests worries and quarrels.

Arab— Dreaming of Arab people means you will receive good news.

Arbor—To be in an arbor means disappointment in love.

Architect— To see an architect in a dream means that you will successfully resolve complicated problems with someone else’s help. To be an architect means that you will resolve your problems on your own.

Archive— Dreaming of an archive symbolizes loss.

Argument—To hold an argument with anyone means that justice will be done.

Arm—To dream of breaking or injuring an arm signifies sudden fortune to a friend.

Arms If you are armed in a dream it means that you will get in a fight with a female.

Armor Dreaming of an armor symbolizes upcoming fear, If you wearing it symbolizes upcoming carefree days. It also symbolizes prosperity and security

Aronia— If you see Aronia, that means prosperity and good health

Army—To be marching with an army means “Beware of a false friend.” If encamped, it means speedy success.

Arrest— To be arrested in a dream symbolizes troubles. If you arrest someone it represents throwbacks at your job.

Arrhythmia To see  arrhythmia in a dream symbolizes upset in life

Arrow— To see an arrow in a dream warns you of misfortune, disappointment and danger. shooting arrow symbolizes better and happier days.

Arthritis— Arthritis in a dream symbolizes good health.

Artichokes—Signify embarrassment or pain. If you eat an artichoke, sorrow and suffering await you. If you are offering someone an artichoke you will cause them to feel bad. Imvashi.com

Artist—Means that your love suit will be successful.

Asbestos— Dreaming of asbestos means that you will overcome family dissensions successfully.

Ashes—Signify embarrassment and loss.

Asia— To dream of Asia suggests romantic moments ahead of you.

Aspirin— Dreaming about aspirin means that an acquaintance is talking badly of you.

Asparagus— To eat it, means success and health. (Asparagus is a perennial flowering plant species in the genus Asparagus. Its young shoots are used as a spring vegetable)

Assassination— Dreaming of assassination means that someone will spread rumors about you.

Ass—Signifies a quarrel or scandal.

Asthma—Asthma is a disease of the airways of the lungs. Having an asthma attack in a dream symbolize problems with plan realizations.

Astrology-Astrologer To have a dream about astrology or an astrologer symbolizes that your hopes are in vain.

Astronomer—Dreaming of an astronomer symbolizes success and happiness.

Athlete— To see an athlete in a dream means that you will achieve success through hard work.

Atlas Seeing an atlas in a dream symbolizes a trip.

ATM— If you are taking money out of ATM that means that someone will give you your money back. It also symbolizes a help in need.

Atom Bomb— Seeing an atomic bomb in a dream symbolizes big unpleasant surprise. To see an explosion implies great worries. 

Attack Attacked in a dream means that you will experience inconveniences

Attorney— To see an attorney in a dream symbolizes worries, betrayal because of money or inconveniences.

Aunt—Portends wealth from an unexpected source.

Auction If you dream you are at an auction, then you will have problems and arguments with relatives or friends.

Auction—If you dream you are at an auction, then you will have problems and arguments with relatives or friends. you should be careful with finances. If you see that your own belongings are being sold at auction, you will have upsets and difficulties. Imvashi.com

Audition— Audition in a dream suggests important events in the future. Seeing others audition means that you will have to make an important decision.

Authority—Signifies better times. In other opinion To have authority in a dream means that you are not satisfied with relationships in your family.

Automobile— If you see automobile in a dream means that you will hear important news. To drive in an auto suggests a promotion and success.  A broken automobile symbolizes worries and lack of money.

Axe— To dream you are holding an axe means you will have an unpleasant argument with a friend and cut off all ties with them. If someone else holds an axe in front of you, then you will have enemies who will not, however, manage to harm you.

Azalea— You will receive good news regarding money.

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