Dreams Starting With Letter “B” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “B” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “B”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter B. such as baby, ball, bank, bed etc.

Dreams Letters “B”। Dream Interpretations

Baby—To hold one means true love; to rock one, embarrassment.

Bagpipe—To hear or play a bagpipe signifies trouble.

Baker—To see or speak to a baker means plenty.

Baking—If you dream of baking pies or cakes, a visitor; if bread, a loss.

Ball—Dancing at a ball means harmony and pleasure. Playing ball signifies loss of money.

Balloon—To go up in a balloon means unexpected fortune. To see one means a message from home.

Bank—Depositing in a bank, beware of loss; drawing money out a bank, trouble at home.

Barber—Being shaved by a barber, a long journey.

Barley—To dream of barley in the field means health and fortune.

Barn—If full, a happy marriage; if empty, poverty.

Barracks—To see soldiers in a barracks means peace and prosperity.

Basin—An empty basin foretells a loss; a full basin, unexpected wealth.

Basket—A full basket means ease and prosperity. An empty one means new endeavor in order to achieve success.

Bathing—Signifies happiness; in a pond, it means misfortune; in a running brook, it means disappointment.

Bat—If flying, means a quarrel with a friend; if at rest, pleasure.

Battlefield—Signifies great honor.

Beans—If cooked, they signify a quarrel; if raw, danger.

Bear—Seeing a bear foretells  misfortune.

Bed—To see a strange bed means trouble; to sleep in a bed, good luck.

Beer—Signifies unfruitful endeavor.

Bees—To catch or watch them means success; to be stung by them, failure.

Beggar—To give alms means an unforeseen present; to be a beggar, unexpected health.

Bell—Hearing the marriage bell means happiness; a church bell, alarm or misfortune. A dinner bell means a feast or wedding.

Bench—To sit on a bench, “Beware of a rival.”

Bereavement—Losing a relative or friend signifies a visit.

Betrothal—Foretells pleasures that may be brief.

BibleTo see a Bible is a reproach for evil deeds. To read a Bible, luck.

Billiards—Means loss thru dissipation.

Birds—Seeing birds of any kind foretells trouble and annoyance. If singing, however, they bring tidings of new pleasure.

Biscuit—Eating a biscuit denotes rejoicing.

Bite—To bite anyone signifies trouble. To be bitten signifies treachery of a supposed friend.

Blackbird—Foretells scandal and deceit.

Blindness—To lead a blind person means success in love. To dream of being blind means you will receive valuable information.

Blood—To see blood signifies a faithful lover.

Blows—To give or receive blows means forgiveness for wrongs done.

Boat—To row in a canoe or boat signifies an inheritance of money.

Boil—To suffer from a boil means unforeseen difficulty.

Bonnet—To wear a new bonnet means rivalry.

Book—Reading a book signifies failure; to give a book means victory over an enemy.

Boots—To dream of new boots means success in business; of old boots, a quarrel.

Bottles—A full bottle signifies sickness; an empty one, melancholy.

Brandy—Signifies “Beware of trouble!”

Bread—To dream of eating bread denotes profit in business.

Briars—Signify disputes.

Bricks—Signify a happy marriage and prosperity.

Bridge—To pass one means success. To fall from one, loss of business. To walk over a bridge, good fortune. To walk under one, disappointment.

Brook—Domestic happiness and friendship.

Bugs—Signify an enemy who wishes to harm you.

Bull—Denotes unexpected gain.

Butcher—Foretells sorrow thru the loss of a friend.

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