Dreams Starting With Letter “P” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “P” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “P”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Pail, Pain, Painter etc.

Dreams Starting With Letter “P” | Dream Dictionary

Pail— To carry a pail signifies a new acquaintance. If full it means gain.

Pain— To dream of suffering pain foretells a sickness and a speedy recovery.

Painter— Denotes that your business affairs will improve.

Palm Tree— Denotes honor and victory.

Paper— To dream of reading a newspaper means that happiness will be brief.

Parasol— To carry one denotes a voyage.

Parent— To dream of either father or mother means good news.

Parrot— To dream of a parrot foretells a robbery.

Pastry— To dream of eating pastry denotes annoyance; to bake pastry means improvement in your condition.

Pawnbroker— To go to a pawnbroker signifies a serious loss.

Peaches— To dream of eating peaches denotes pleasure and contentment.

Peacock— Foretells victory.

Peanuts— To eat peanuts signifies a lawsuit.

Pearls— To dream of receiving or wearing pearls signifies tears and distress.

Pears— Eating pears means long life and happiness.

Peas— To dream of peas means good fortune.

Pen— To dream of holding or writing with a pen means good tidings.

Pepper— To dream of pepper denotes affliction.

Pheasant To kill a pheasant is a sign of good luck.

Piano— Playing on a piano denotes a speedy wedding. Buying one signifies money from an unexpected debt.

Pig— To dream of a pig is a sign of good luck.

Pigsty— Indicates financial gain.

Pigeon— Seeing a pigeon in flight means reconciliation; at rest denotes success.

Pillow— To dream of lying on a pillow indicates sickness.

Pills— Taking pills is a sure sign of trouble and famine.

Pine Tree— Dreaming of a lonely pine tree foretells danger.

Pins— To dream of pins is considered fortunate and means wealth.

Pirate—Foretells a fortunate adventure.

Pistol— To carry a pistol or revolver denotes a change in your prospects for the better.

Pitch— Signifies “Beware of evil companions!”

Pitchfork— Means you will be punished.

Policeman— Is a sure sign of impending trouble.

Postman— Indicates good news, from abroad.

Poverty— To dream that you are poor denotes an unexpected addition to your wealth.

Present— Dreaming of receiving gifts denotes a loss. To make a present means success.

Preserves— To make or eat preserves indicates loss of time and money.

Priest— To dream of a priest denotes reconciliation with an enemy.

Procession— To watch a parade or procession means success in love.

Pump— To pump water is a sign of a speedy marriage.

Purse— An empty purse denotes that you will soon receive a present; a full purse signifies a serious loss.

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