Dreams Starting With Letter “E” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “E” | Dream Dictionary

Know the Dream symbols starting with alphabet “E”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter E. such as Eagle, Elephant, Eggs etc.

EagleIs a sign of worthy ambition.

EatingTo dream of eating means a happy marriage or a rich inheritance.

EclipseTo see an eclipse means a loss in business.

EelsAre sign of vexation.

EggsEating eggs indicates a journey.

ElephantTo ride an elephant means that you will be called upon to do a service.

ElopementSignifies a speedy marriage after trouble.

EmbroiderySignifies love and ambition.

EngagedTo dream of being engaged is a sign of a quarrel with someone you love.

EuchreTo play euchre signifies failure in business.

EyesTo dream of eyes is a portent of bad luck.

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