Dreams Starting With Letter “F” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “F” | Dream Dictionary

Know the Dream symbols starting with alphabet “F”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter F. such as Face, Fan, Feast etc.

FaceTo dream of a smiling face indicates joy.

FailureTo dream of failure in business or in love means that you will soon be successful.

Falling—To dream of falling means a sudden improvement in your condition.

FanIs a sign of rivalry between women.

FarewellTo dream of parting is a sure sign of a lawsuit.

FarmerTo dream of a farmer denotes an increase in earnings.

FeastTo be seated at a feast means that there is trouble ahead.

FeathersWhite feathers mean friendship; dark feathers, loss.

FieldTo walk in a field means visitors.

FigsTo eat figs is a sign of interrupted pleasures.

FingersTo dream of injured fingers denotes grief.

FireTo see a house on fire is a sign of caution. Beware of false friends. To kindle a fire denotes anger.

FishTo catch fish means success in business; to eat fish means beware of deceitful friends.

FlagTo see a flag means coming trouble in business; to carry one, means unexpected honor.

FlameTo see a flame is a sign of good news.

FleaIs a sign of triumph over one’s enemies.

FloodTo dream of a flood is a sign of misfortune.

FlowersTo dream of flowers is a sure sign of success in business or love.

FluteTo play or hear a flute means news of a birth.

FlyTo dream of flies is a warning that someone is jealous of us.

FogTo be lost in a fog is a warning of coming trouble.

FountainTo see a running fountain denotes health and abundance.

Fox—Signifies triumph over enemies.

FrogIs a sign of vexation and annoyance.

FuneralTo see or attend a funeral is a sign of a birth or marriage.

FurTo wear fur signifies long life and happiness.

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