Dreams Starting With Letter “G” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “G” | Dream Dictionary

Know the Dream symbols starting with alphabet “G”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter G such as Gallows,Garden, Garlic etc.

GallowsTo see a gallows is a sign of dignity, honor and wealth.

GamblingIs a warning against deception.

GardenTo walk in a garden denotes a bright future.

GarlicSignifies deception by a woman.

GarterTo find a garter foretells a letter or a happy marriage.

GhostTo dream of seeing a ghost means beware of sickness.

GiftTo receive a present denotes danger.

GlovesTo buy or wear gloves means a new-found friend.

GoatTo dream of a white goat means prosperity; of a black goat, sickness.

GoldDreaming of gold denotes profit and success. A bag of gold indicates a gain.

GrainA field of ripe grain is a sign of prosperity.

GrapesTo see or eat grapes denotes enjoyment and plenty.

GrassIndicates long life.

GrasshopperMeans loss of savings.

GraveTo look into an open grave means the loss of a friend. To sit near a grave is a sign of good luck.

GuitarMeans deception and treachery.

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