Dreams Starting With Letter “J” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “J” | Dream Dictionary

Know the Dream symbols starting with alphabet “J”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter J. such as Jail, Joy, Judge etc.

JailTo be in jail or prison is a sign that you will have unexpected honor bestowed.

JewelsTo wear much jewelry indicates coming poverty; to see it on another foretells a lawsuit.

JoyTo experience great joy is a sign that you will have bad news.

JudgeIs a sign of coming punishment.

JugIndicates the acquaintance of a great man.

KeyA bunch of keys denotes treachery on the part of a supposed friend. A single key means loss.

KillTo kill a person denotes a coming quarrel.

KingTo see a king denotes satisfaction in business.

KissTo receive a kiss denotes that you will be betrayed. To kiss another means good news from a friend.

KitchenTo be in a kitchen denotes the coming of visitors.

KiteTo see or fly a kite denotes failure in your plans.

Knife—Denotes inconstancy and dissension in your family.

KnittingIs a sign of mischievous talk on the part of friends.

KnocksDenote embarrassment and difficulties.

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