Dreams Starting With Letter “L” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “L” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “L”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Lander, Lake, Lamb etc.

Ladder— To go up a ladder means success; to go down, humiliation.

Lake— A warning to be careful.

Lamb— This is a favorable sign to single people and indicates courtship.

Lame Person— To dream of seeing a cripple or lame person means business misfortune.

Lamp— To carry a lamp means trouble; to upset one, loss.

Lantern— To carry a lantern means a safe adventure.

Laughter— To laugh heartily in your sleep, “Beware of trouble!”

Lawyer— Dreaming of a lawyer denotes the marriage of a dear friend.

Leaves— Dry leaves are a sign of indisposition which will not last long.

Letter— To receive a letter usually means good news and prosperity.

Lettuce— Denotes poverty.

Lightning— Indicates a quarrel among lovers.

Lily— A sign of innocence and happiness.

Lion— To dream of a lion means unexpected honor.

Lizard— Seeing a lizard indicates coming trouble.

Lottery— To dream of winning money in a lottery means loss.

Lovers— To see two lovers spoon is an indication of domestic trouble.

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