Dreams Starting With Letter “M” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “M” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “M”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Map, Mask, Meat etc.

Macaroni— Eating macaroni is a sign of abundance.

Manure— Indicates depravity.

Map— To see or consult a map indicates a journey.

Market— Going to market is a sign of a joyous event.

Mask— To wear a mask or see someone else wear one indicates hypocrisy.

Meat— To eat or cook meat is a sign of a big reception.

Melon— Signifies hope and success.

Milestone— Seeing a milestone indicates a successful venture.

Milk— Dreaming of milk means success in love affairs.

Mirror— To see yourself in the glass denotes wounded pride or sickness. To break one, misadventure.

Money— To find money means bad luck; to give it away or spend it indicates success.

Monkey— Means “Beware of getting into mischief!”

Moon— To see the full moon denotes fidelity and joy; to see a crescent means awakening affection. An eclipse of the moon means loss.

Mourning— To dream of wearing mourning indicates an invitation to a wedding.

Mud— To find yourself in mud means the coming of wealth.

Mule— Seeing or riding a mule is a sure sign of difficulty.

Murder— To witness a murder means that you will soon see an old friend; to dream of being murdered means caution.

Music— Hearing music in your sleep is a sign of luck.

Mustard— Eating mustard denotes pain and trouble.

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