Dreams Starting With Letter “R” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “R” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “R”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Rabbit, Race, Radish etc.

Rabbit— A running rabbit is a sign of disappointment.

Race— To witness a race denotes success in life.

Radish— To pick or eat a radish denotes a secret which you will shortly learn.

Railroad— A token that you will change your residence soon.

Rain— Is a sign of reconciliation with an enemy.

Rainbow— To see a rainbow denotes that better days are coming. It is a very good omen.

Rat— Beware of secret enemies.

Raven— T o hear a raven croak portends misfortune.

Reading— To dream of reading a book is a sign that you are too lazy to succeed.

Revenge— Denotes a speedy repentance.

Ribbons— To dream of wearing ribbons is a sign of a visit from one you love.

Rice— To dream of eating or throwing rice denotes, the marriage of an intimate friend.

Ride— To ride with either men or women denotes coming trouble.

Ring— To receive one means a gain; to place one on the finger of another denotes marital trouble.

Rival— To dream of a rival is a sign that you will quarrel with the one you love best.

River— To see a river denotes a change in your condition; to fall into one means “Beware of your enemies!”

Robber— To be attacked by robbers is a sign of victory over a rival.

Rock— Sure sign of annoyance and loss.

Rose— This is always a sign of good luck. White roses signify constancy; red, an offer of marriage.

Rosebush— Denotes a constant lover.

Ruins— To explore a ruin denotes a pleasant surprise.

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