Dreams Starting With Letter “T” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “T” | Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “T”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Table, Tailor, Tea etc.

Table— To sit at a table denotes abundance.

Tailor— Is a portent of unfaithfulness.

Tea— To drink tea means beware of confusion and trouble.

Tears— To shed tears foretells joy and sympathy.

Teeth— To dream of losing your teeth foretells the death of a friend or the loss of money.

Tent— To dream of being under a tent denotes a quarrel.

Theater— Being at a theater is a sign of coming sadness or loss.

Thimble— Denotes hard work to achieve success.

Thirst— To dream of being thirsty is a sign of affliction.

Thistle— To pluck a thistle foretells a dispute.

Thorn— Is a sign of loss of money.

Thunder—To dream of a thunderstorm denotes danger or death to a friend.

Tiger— To meet a tiger is a warning against an enemy.

Toads— Dreaming of a toad means you will be disgusted with something that will happen to you.

Torch— Denotes an invitation to a wedding.

Treasure— Finding a treasure or a heap of money indicates a disappointment.

Trees— Dreaming of trees denotes “Keep up your courage.”

Turkey— To dream of a turkey is a sign of plenty.

Turnips— Denote disappointment and annoyance.

Turtle— To see a turtle is a sign of luck.

Twins— The coming of twins denotes honors and wealth.

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