Dreams Starting With Letter “V” | Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “V” | Dream Dictionary

Know the Dream symbols starting with alphabet “V”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Veil, Vine, Violet etc.

Veil— To wear a white veil means a proposal of marriage; a black veil indicates death or separation.

Vermin— Denotes plenty and prosperity.

Village— Walking thru a village denotes a trip abroad.

Vine— A sign of prosperity and fruitfulness.

Vinegar— To dream of drinking vinegar signifies sickness.

Violet— Denotes fidelity on the part of your sweetheart and success in your undertaking.

Violin— Denotes sympathy and consolation.

Vise— To use a vise indicates wealth through industry.

Visitor— To dream of a visit foreshadows trouble; if others visit you, loneliness.

Voice— To dream of hearing a voice means that absent ones are thinking of you.

Voyage— Is a sign of a coming event that will alter your conditions.

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