These course will teach you how to read your friends and your own hands. This course will be fun and systematic such that at the end of the day you will be able to amaze your friends and family with your accurate readings.

You can tell a person character by just observing their palm, their fingers shape, their lines, etc. It is very useful and accurate.

Basics Palmistry Lesson


  1. What is palmistry
  2. History of palmistry
  3. Logic behind Palmisty
  4. Palm Anatomy
  5. Which hand to read?

Mount (Planets) of the Hand

  1. Jupiter Mount
  2. Saturn Mount
  3. Sun Mount (Apollo)
  4. Mercury Mount
  5. Mars Mount
  6. Moon Mount
  7. Venus Mount
  8. Rahu & Ketu

The Fingers Thumb & Nails

  1. Fingers Length and shapes
  2. Index Finger
  3. Middle Finger
  4. Ring Finger
  5. Small Finger
  6. The Thumb
  7. Nails shapes and marks

Hands Shapes

  1. 7 Types of Hand
  2. Firm and Hard
  3. The Feel of the Hand
  4. Soft Study of the Hand

Introductions of Lines and Sign

  1. Types of lines and their variation
  2. Primery and secondry Line.
  3. Sisters Lines
  4. Thick hick, normal, faint lines
  5. Broken Line, Wavy Line
  6. Island, Square, Forked, Chained
  7. Spots & Tasselled
  8. 42 Important Sign in indian Palmistry

Lines of of The Hand

  1. Heart Line
  2. Mind Line
  3. Life Line
  4. Fate Line
  5. Sun Line
  6. Helth Line
  7. Marriage
  8. Children Line
  9. Mars Line
  10. Bracelet Line
  11. Travel, Voyages and Accident

Practical Palmistry

  1. Approach to readings
  2. Process of reading a palm
  3. Things to take note of while reading a palm

How to improve further

  1. Vedic Remedies For Planets
  2. Ratna and Rudraksha

Advanced Palmistry Lesson

Timing of Events (Deep analysis)

  1. Indian Different old Method
  2. The system of Seven (Cheiro)
  3. 10 Year System
  4. Chines Method for age Calculation
  5. Modern Method
  6. Which Should be Use?
  7. Improve Your sixth Sense
  8. Panchnguli Devi

Finger Phalanges and their Meaning

  1. Index Finger
  2. Middle
  3. Ring Finger
  4. Small Finger
  5. The Thumb

Improve Your Prediction

  1. Medical Palmistry
  2. Palmistry and Marriage Compatibility
  3. Determining Profession from Palmistry
  4. 100 important Yoga’s In Palmistry
  5. The Art of Prediction

Other Important lesson

  1. Introduction of chines Palmistry
  2. Symbles of chines Palmistry
  3. Chines Medical Palmistry
  4. Secrets of Nepali Palmistry
  5. South india & Shrilankan Palmistry

Astro Palmistry


  1. What is Astro- Palmistry ?
  2. History of Astro Palmistry
  3. Astro Palmistry in Lal kitab
  4. Some Important Books

Zodiac Sings

  1. 12 Zodiac Signs and it’s meaning
  2. Zodiac Sings in Diffrent Mount
  3. Zodiac Sign In Finger
  4. What’s your Zodiac Sign

Making Horoscope

  1. 12 House In Hand
  2. Positions of The Planets
  3. How to Know Month of Birth
  4. Birth Paksha and Tithi
  5. Time of Birth With Help of Lagna