Dreams Starting With Letter “W” l Dream Dictionary

Dreams Starting With Letter “W” l Dream Dictionary

Know the dream symbols starting with alphabet “W”, Here is lots of dream interpretations from the letter A. such as Wagon, wall, War etc.

Wagon— Denotes ease and pleasure.

Wall— Seeing a wall over which you cannot climb means prosperity after much effort.

War— To dream of war denotes peace and prosperity.

Washing— Washing your clothes denotes that a misunderstanding will soon pass away.

Wasps— Are a sign of annoyance and disappointment.

Watch— To dream of a watch means disappointment, and is a caution to use your time to better advantage.

Watchman— To see a watchman denotes a trifling loss.

Water— To dream of water in any shape is a sign of improvement in your condition.

Waves— To see waves at sea denotes that someone is trying to take advantage of you.

Wedding—To dream that you are at a wedding is often a sign of a funeral; if at your own wedding, it means a change of residence.

Well— To draw water from a well means success in your undertakings.

Wheat— Indicates a gain of much money.

Wheelbarrow— Is a sign of disability or infirmity. If broken it signifies loss.

Wife— If a man dreams that his wife is married to another it is a sign of a quarrel that may be serious.

Window— Looking out of a window is a sign of bad luck.

Wine— To dream of drinking wine means a disappointment; to become intoxicated means disgrace.

Wolf— To see a wolf is a sign of coming poverty. To be attacked by a wolf the defeat of your enemies.

Woman— To dream of a fair woman, beware of deceit; an ugly woman, beware of scandal.

Woods— To walk thru the woods is a sure sign of success.

Work— Dreaming of hard work denotes prosperity.

Worms— Seeing worms is a sign of coming ill health.

Writing— To dream of writing a letter indicates that someone is anxious to hear from you; writing a book, foretells fame.

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